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Quantitative whole body autoradiography


To investigate the distribution properties of the total radioactivity.

Special isolated areas (e.g. rabbit knee joint, uterus with fetuses) can also be investigated.

Quantitative evaluation for 14C-labeled test items using dog blood calibrator and QC samples.


Typically in mice or rats.


Animals are administered with the radiolabeled test item.

At scheduled time-points the cryo-sections of nominally 40 µm thickness are obtained, covering all representative planes (eye-kidney, adrenal, thyroid, and median or para-median).

For quantification of total radioactivity in tissues/organs, blocks containing blood calibrators and QC samples are sectioned in the same way as the animals to prepare calibration and QC sections.

The sections are freeze-dried and evaluated using radioluminography (visualization of the distribution of the total radioactivity in section) using Fuji Imaging Plates.

The radioluminograms are evaluated by AIDA (Advanced Image Data Analyzer) software package (Raytest).


Evaluation for the total radioactivity:

  • Comparison of the organ/tissue concentrations and their changes in relation to time
  • Calculation of the tissue/blood ratios
  • Calculation of the elimination half-lives for organs/tissues, if applicable
  • Evaluation of the potential target organs, accumulation sites
  • Presentation of whole body sections and the corresponding radioluminograms (showing the distribution of radioactivity: the higher density the higher total radioactivity concentration)
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Auri Knowledge
Auri Knowledge