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July 09, 2016

Mammalian chromosome aberration test


The purpose of the in vitro chromosome aberration test is to identify agents that cause structural chromosome aberrations (chromosome or chromatid) in cultured mammalian cells.

Test system:

In vitro test with cultures of cell lines or primary cell cultures.


At least three test item concentrations from duplicate cultures should be evaluated, negative and positive control should be included.

The cell cultures are exposed to the test item/controls both with and without an exogenous source of metabolic activation.

Additionally, the cell cultures are treated with a metaphase-arresting substance (e.g. colchicine).

After the exposure period, the cells are stained and metaphase cells are analysed microscopically for the presence of chromosome aberrations.


  • Cytotoxicity with and without metabolic activation
  • Percentage of cells with structural chromosome aberration(s), chromatid- and chromosome-type aberrations, gaps

A test item is regarded as non-mutagenic in this assay if there is no:

  • dose-related increase of findings
  •  measured points are statistically significant higher than the concurrent negative control
  • positive results are reproducible and outside the range of the historical negative control data

The biological relevance of the results should be considered.

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