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Immune cell phenotyping


One of the most important tools to follow the changes in the immune function/immune status due to the influence of a test item is the determination of the number/ratio of the different immune cells applying specific labeling of cell phenotype markers of the immune cells. This can be part of Part of a toxicity study or clinical trial.


Usually two species: one rodent and one non-rodent.


Establishment of the staining procedure and the evaluation of the samples with flow cytometer.

Validation of the staining procedure testing the following parameters:

  • Repeatability
  • Intra- and inter-assay precision
  • Stability of the labeled samples
  • Robustness


Ratio of the following cell types

  • Total T-lymphocytes
  • T-helper cells
  • Cytotoxic T lymphocytes
  • NK-T cells
  • Activated T-cells
  • NK cells
  • B-lymphocytes

In case the number of total lymphocytes is determined, the absolute number of subtypes can be also calculated.

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Auri Knowledge
Auri Knowledge