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Excretion in bile (14C, 3H, 125l, 32P)


To investigate the rate and extent of the excretion of total radioactivity in bile.




In life phase:

Bile duct cannulated rats are administered with the radio-labeled test item (typical labels: 3H or 14C).

Bile samples are collected in fractions for a defined period post-dose.


The weight of the collected bile samples are measured and suitable aliquot(s) are subjected to liquid scintillation spectroscopy to quantify the total radioactivity in the samples.

For 3H: checking of the potential loss of label due to tritium-proton exchange.


Evaluation for the total radioactivity:

  • Concentrations in the collected bile samples
  • Total amount of radioactivity (as percentage of the administered dose) in the collected fractions
  • Cumulative excretion in relation to time
  • Estimated absorption, if applicable

On request, selected bile samples can be stored or transported to dedicated place for further metabolic study.

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Auri Knowledge
Auri Knowledge