First head office: IZB Martinsried near Munich, Germany. Aurigon began its activities when the worldwide biotechnology boom was at its peak, at which time hugely dynamic financing was creating many new biotechnology start-ups with highly innovative technologies and scientific approaches.


New laboratories at Roche Campus, Tutzing/Germany. A certain amount of luck is required to create a successful enterprise; Aurigon was presented with the opportunity to rent a brand-new SPF facility from Roche. This 400 sq.m. SPF facility evolved during the subsequent years into 3,000 sq.m. of laboratories including the head office of Aurigon Germany.


Gaining its GLP certification in 2002, Aurigon was the first test facility in Germany for whom this GLP was based on an electronic data management system, making us Germany’s first mover in this area of quality standards.


Even in its early years, Aurigon’s staff were able to demonstrate exceptional experience and expertise in the development of biologics. Thus, when the first patents for biologics began to appear, Aurigon was chosen as preferred partner for some of the very first preclinical developments for biosimilars worldwide.


Growing success had brought Aurigon to the limits of its capacity. In 2005, major construction activities at the site in Tutzing, Germany, led to a doubling of the laboratory capacities.


In order to expand its service spectrum, Aurigon rented an additional research facility in Dunakeszi/Budapest, Hungary, and founded the Aurigon Toxicological Research Centre ATRC.


Again a great opportunity and an excellent deal: Aurigon purchased the non-clinical arm of the Ivax Drug Research Institute IDRI from TEVA. With this institute, Aurigon was able to take over highly educated staff, modern equipment and technologies as well as the research facility in Dunakeszi. Aurigon Toxicological Research Centre ATRC subsequently acquired a newly equipped bioanalytical unit.


Aurigon had already performed preclinical programmes for 16 different genuine ATMPs when the EU introduced the new ATMP substance class. Currently, no other CRO in Europe can demonstrate a similar track record in this field.


In 2014, a deep restructuration process began at Aurigon. The decision was made to merge all laboratory activities at one campus in Dunakeszi/Budapest, Hungary, with the objective of achieving more efficiency and better services for our clients. The laboratories in Tutzing/Germany were closed down and new capacities built up in Dunakeszi/Hungary.


In February 2015, a new German head office was opened in Munich. In addition to corporate activities, the Munich office supports the Hungarian operations.


Aurigon proudly presents its new brand with the launch of the new website in 2016.